OnLive is apparently coming to a Sony internet streaming player

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OnLive has appeared on a lot of devices, but it’s very interesting to see it appearing on a Sony branded Google TV streaming internet player. VentureBeat discovered the option to connect an OnLive gamepad in the specifications of Sony’s upcoming $199 streaming player. This could become a secondary gaming console that will sit right next to the PS3.

OnLive also made headlines earlier this week for being pre-loaded on the Vizio Co-Star. The Co-Star also uses Google TV as a selling point.

So far, Sony has not commented on a deal between itself and OnLive.

I think this is really just the result of a Google TV push more than anything. It’s no coincidence that OnLive announced a partnership with LG at E3, followed by the announcement of the Vizio Co-Star and this Sony player. All three of those manufacturers are selling new Google TV products.

Via [VentureBeat] Site [Sony]

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