Vita firmware 1.80 lets us play PS Classics games

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Good morning everyone! We’re going to start things out right today by announcing that the PS Vita firmware that will finally let us play original PlayStation downloads on our handhelds is one step closer. Sony has come forward and declared the compatibility will arrive with firmware 1.80.

Here’s why that’s good news. I just checked my Vita and right now we’re on firmware 1.69. Hold up your thumb and pointer finger and put them about a centimeter apart. We’re like that close to having a whole extra library of games for the Vita. It’s just fantastic news.

At the rate that Sony updates its systems’ firmware, it means we should easily meet that summer 2012 release window for firmware 1.80. That should make the system more appealing to people who don’t already own it, considering the rather sizeable library of PS Classics and Japanese Import games available. It also makes PlayStation Plus relevant for Vita owners, since sometimes free PS Classics are distributed through there.

After 1.80 is released, all Sony will have to do is make all those PSP downloads that aren’t compatible, compatible and we’ll be all set!

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