You need 8GB of space to play Halo 4 online

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I want all the Xbox 360 owners out there reading this to prepare for a really sharp intake of breath. One. Two. Three. You need 8GB of space on a USB flash drive or your Xbox 360’s hard drive if you want to play Halo 4 online with friends and strangers.

Let’s make this even worse. That 8GB is an optimistic number. There’s a good chance you’ll need even more space to play Halo 4 online. At least, that’s what Optimizing your Halo 4 Experience site Microsoft put up says. It also highly recommends saving the data to a hard drive over a USB flash drive.

Of course it’s going to recommend that though, as a hard drive, even a smaller or older model, is probably going to cost you at least $50. In case you’re curious, you can pick up 16GB flash drives from Amazon or other stores for under $10.

I’m sure this probably has left some Xbox 360 owners a little shocked, but it’s really no big deal. PS3 owners have been experiencing stuff like this for years. For us, it’s almost like something’s wrong if a game doesn’t install at least 2GB of data to our system’s hard drive.

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