Black Ops fan favorite Nuketown will return as pre-order bonus

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Nuketown was Call of Duty: Black Ops‘ most popular map by a wide margin. Developer Treyarch even created a Nuketown 24/7 game mode to take advantage of that. This made it even harder to keep any secrets regarding the map’s inclusion in Black Ops 2.

Activision has confirmed the sequel will contain Nuketown 2025, a futuristic update of the original map. It’s a pre-order bonus from retailers including GameStop and Amazon.

Black Ops took place during the Cold War and Nuketown shows the effects of nuclear war on a US suburb. It’s the smallest map in the game, leading to furious, frantic battles in such an enclosed space. There are two houses on the map that serve as excellent sniper perches, provided teammates can opposing players from getting in.

The sequel starts in Afghanistan during the 1980s. From there it shifts settings to a future with robot drones and other tech that is only the stuff of fiction right now. Thus, the new Nuketown is an updated version of that quaint suburb. Apparently we’ll still get a lot of up close and personal shooting action. This should be a fun nod to the first Black Ops.

The latest Call of Duty is coming November 13, 2012.

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