You’ll be playing PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale by Halloween (update)

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Those in need of a Smash Bros.-style fix that doesn’t actually involve Smash Bros. or any Nintendo system won’t have to wait very long. Sony’s decided that it will have both the PS3 and PSV (Vita) versions of PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale ready by October 23, 2012. Yes, you can have it running in the background at your halloween party!

A few other announcements were made concerning the mash-up brawler via the PlayStation Blog today. The first concerns pre-order rewards. PlayStation All-Stars is going to have them and they’ll be of the downloadable variety. Should you commit to a copy before it launches, you’ll get extra costumes for every character for free. Sony’s saying right now that you’ll only get the costumes, which include a baseball helmet for the Big Daddy, a pirate costume for Fat Princess and an astronaut suit for Parappa, if you pre-order. We’ll see how long that lasts though, as I wouldn’t be surprised to see them made available later as paid DLC.

Sony will also reveal two new fighters later today. The 2012 EVO Championship Series is taking place in Las Vegas this weekend, actually starting today, and PlayStation All-Stars is going to be there with the two latest characters. Apparently, that announcement will come at 6pm PST/9pm EST. I’ll make sure and update this story once they show up. I wouldn’t be surprised if a Final Fantasy, perhaps Lightning, enters the ring.

Update: Heihachi from Tekken and Sony’s Japanese mascot cat Toro are the two latest fighters confirmed for PlayStation All Stars: Battle Royale.

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