EVO 2012: MCZ Infiltration’s Akuma Takes Street Fighter IV Title

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It ain’t bragging if you can back it up. Seon-Woo Lee, better known by “MCZ Infiltration,” guaranteed victory in the Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition Championship at EVO 2012. It’s the world’s biggest fighting game tournament, this year’s event took place July 6-8, 2012, at Las Vegas’ Caesar’s Palace. Infiltration backed up his boast with a 3-0 decimation of Bruce “AVM Gamerbee” Hsiang in the grand finals.

Infiltration used Akuma, a character famous for his boasting as well. His Raging Demon special move kept competitors at bay all night. Infiltration was whipping the move out so fast it seemed mapped to a single button. Gamerbee was only able to win one round in the three finals matches, as Infiltration’s Akuma was just too strong.

There were two prevalent themes at this event: a changing of the guard, and Korea proving itself force in the international fighting scene. Big names including Daigo “The Beast” Umehara and Justin Wong fell victim to upsets. Umehara placed 5th overall in SSF IV, while Wong placed 13th. This was the first SF final in three years to have neither an American or Japanese player make the grand final. Infiltration isn’t exactly an unknown, however. He placed third in Street Fighter in 2010.

Korea’s eSports domination in games such as StarCraft is well known. EVO 2012 showed Korean players to be a force in fighting games too. Infiltration took Street Fighter, a game considered to be the “main event” of EVO and teamed with Ryan “MCZ Laugh” Ahn to take the Street Fighter X Tekken World Championship. Kwang noh Lee, who goes by the alias “Cafe ID Mad KOF” took the championship in King of Fighters XIII.

Here’s the SF Grand Final:

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