Steam Greenlight leaves the fate of unreleased games to the community

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Valve has given developers another option in getting their games put on Steam. Instead of going through the traditional review process that’s required to get onto Steam, Valve is going to let the gaming community decide which games they want to see go up on the service. This initiative is called Steam Greenlight.Developers will be able to submit their game to Steam Greenlight as either a concept, or a playable title. It doesn’t really matter how early the game is in development. Valve will give developers a lot of flexibility in terms of updating their builds. The goal is to attract as many players as possible. They are going to be the ones that ultimately decide which games make it to Steam.

Interested developers only have to adhere to a few requirements to make it into Steam Greenlight. They are as follows:

  • A square branding image (similar to a box cover) to represent your game in lists and search
  • At least 1 video showing off your game or presenting your concept
  • At least 4 screenshots or images
  • A written description of the game along with tentative system requirements

The games also have to be compatible with Windows PCs. Expect Steam Greenlight to launch in August.

Via [Steam Greenlight]

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