Hidden Path Entertainment turns to Kickstarter to fund Defense Grid 2

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Defense Grid is one of the finest tower defense games I’ve ever played.  Defense Grid had a few downloadable expansions, but a proper sequel has evaded us since 2008. Thanks to the surging popularity of Kickstarter, Hidden Path Entertainment is leaving it up to Defense Grid fans to fund the sequel.

The Defense Grid 2 Kickstarter is different from the campaigns we’re used to seeing. Hidden Path Entertainment needs $1 million to fund Defense Grid 2 in its entirety, but it will release new content for the original Defense Grid when certain funding milestones are reached.

For instance, should the Kickstarter reach $250,000, Defense Grid: Containment will be released. It’s comprised of eight new levels, and tells the story leading to Defense Grid 2. $500,000 will allow Hidden Path Entertainment to finish the engine for Defense Grid 2, which will also be applied to the original DG. An online cooperative mode for DG will also be released at that time. $750,000 will result in a level editor and Mac and Linux ports of all Defense Grid content.

Over $25,000 has been raised so far with over a month to go. We’ll be keeping an eye on its progress.

Via [Defense Grid 2 Kickstarter]

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