Comic-Con 2012: Square Enix making FemShep and Tali Play Arts Kai figures

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It’s time for some San Diego Comic-Con 2012 news! The show kicked off today, Thursday July 12, 2012, so announcements are gradually starting to trickle onto the internet. The first comes from Square Enix and concerns Mass Effect.

Did I just hear you go, “Bwah?”

Square Enix is making a line of Mass Effect action figures, you know. The company is known for its Play Arts line, and its new Play Arts Kai line makes incredible detailed figures of characters from games like Uncharted, Halo, Metal Gear Solid, Street Fighter and soon Mass Effect. The Comic-Con Play Arts announcement was that the Mass Effect Play Arts Kai line will be bigger than we thought. Even though the first wave hasn’t even been released to stores yet, a second wave is in development that will include figures of FemShep, the female version of Commander Shepard, and Tali’Zorah vas Normandy. That image up there at the right is a prototype of FemShep that Square Enix released online.

The FemShep and Tali figures will be part of the second wave of Mass Effect Play Arts Kai figures. The first wave features DudeShep (the male version of Commander Shepard), Garrus and Ashley. Each of these figures is $65, with the BioWare Store taking pre-orders of the first run, which is expected to arrive around December 2012.

I’m excited, as these look much better than the other Mass Effect action figures. In fact, I find myself wanting a FemShep and Garrus figure set, because I’ve got to celebrate my OTP. For those less internet savvy, that’s “one true pairing” and reveals that I always have my FemShep go with Garrus in the games.

Site [Square Enix on Facebook] Site [Square Enix Play Arts Kai] Product Page [BioWare Store]

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