Comic Con 2012: Nightwing, Cyborg and Harley Quinn enter Injustice

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Injustice:Gods Among Us, meet San Diego Comic-Con. Comic Con, this is Injustice, a new fighting game starring DC superheroes. I think you guys are going to get along fabulously. We had already learned about the presence of Superman, Batman, Flash and Solomon Grundy.   Now former Bat sidekick Nightwing, mechanical man Cyborg, and Harley Quinn, the Joker’s lady love, are confirmed playable.

Comic-Con revealed a little bit more about the game’s workings as well. Each fight is only a single round, but the fighters have two health bars to wear down. These are superheroes and villains after all. Each character has a specific attack mapped to one button that is important to their combos.  Batman has a small horde of bats he can mix into combos, while The Flash can do a burst of super speed. The world around him, including his opponent, moves in slo-mo to show how much faster he is. I was wondering how they’d depict “The Fastest Man Alive.”

Nightwing is former Robin Dick Grayson, an acrobat who was learning backflips at the age most babies master walking. He incorporates his spike-filled motorcycle into his moveset, as well as lots of fancy footwork. Cyborg brings lots of weapons to the party and appears to have a laser for every occasion. Harley Quinn carries a stash of joke weapons including exploding pies and a ridiculously large capgun.

NeatherRealm Studios, the home of Mortal Kombat, is developing Injustice. The studio already pitted DC heroes against MK in the hopes of replicating Capcom’s success with Marvel games. That game didn’t really take off, partially because MK is all about killing people in brutal fashion. DC is not about to let anyone “fatality” Superman or Batman. That is, unless it’s in a comic book story that will see them resurrected in six months. Kidding aside, Injustice is looking like a must play for comic fans and fighting game buffs.

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