You can play Final Fantasy XIII Versus music in Theatrhythm Final Fantasy

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Let’s be realistic here, because I feel I can be honest with all of you. We’re probably not going to see Final Fantasy Versus XIII for at least another year. Hell, we’ll probably see Final Fantasy XIII-3 before we see Final Fantasy Versus XIII. On the plus side, we can experience at least a hint of it in an existing Final Fantasy game. The Theatrhythm Final Fantasy DLC schedule has been released and today’s update happens to include “Somnus” from Final Fantasy Versus XIII. It’s a field music song shown in the screenshot above, where Terra’s running through a city.

Like all Theatrhythm DLC, “Somnus” is 99¢. It’s also part of a full-on invasion of additional Final Fantasy music that will be coming to the game over the next few weeks.

Here’s the full July 2012 DLC schedule for Theatrhythm Final Fantasy.

Out today:

    Final Fantasy VI‘s “Battle”

    Final Fantasy XI‘s “Sarutabaruta”

    Final Fantasy XIII‘s “Desperate Struggle”

    Final Fantasy Versus XIII‘s “Somnus”

Out July 19, 2012

  • Final Fantasy III‘s “Battle 1″
  • Final Fantasy VII‘s “Fight On”

    Final Fantasy XI‘s “Battle Theme”

    Final Fantasy XIII-2‘s “Etro’s Champion”

Out July 26, 2012

  • Final Fantasy III‘s “Crystal Cave”
  • Final Fantasy X‘s “A Contest of Aeons”

    Final Fantasy XI‘s “The Sanctuary of Zi’Tah”

    Final Fantasy XIII‘s “The Archylte Steppe”

I’ll admit it – I’m going to cave and grab “Somnus.” I’m curious and I think I have like $1 left in my eShop wallet anyways.

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