Anomaly Warzone Earth is coming to PS3 with an exclusive co-op mode

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Anomaly Warzone Earth has successfully invaded XBLA, iOS and PC. Come this summer, we’ll be able to add the PS3 to the list. The first trailer for the PS3 version of Anomaly Warzone Earth was released by 11 bit studios on YouTube yesterday. It’s from the trailer that we learned about the new local co-op mode that’s coming exclusively to the PS3 platform.In the co-op mode, two commanders will be on the stage at once. One commander will be responsible with purchasing, upgrading and organizing troops, and the other will decide the most effective route to take on each stage.

Again, there is no release date for Anomaly Warzone Earth for PS3. Expect it to be out by the end of September at the latest.

[PlayStation Lifestyle]

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