iPhone and iPod Touch gaming update for July 15, 2012

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The iPhone and iPod Touch gaming update is GamerTell’s weekly look at the previous week’s iPhone and iPod Touch games released in the Apple App Store. We cover them all – good and not so good. The list is available every Monday, right as you are about to start that long work week.

iPhone 5 rumors are spinning with images of supposedly “leaked” images of the next iPhone hitting the web. Honestly, none of the images I have seen thus far are that interesting to me. It’s about time Apple shakes up the iPhone design don’t you think? Unfortunately, nothing in these rumors has suggested anything in relation to the gaming capabilities of the new device, so we will never mind it now an continue on with this week’s best apps.

Amazing Alex comes flying across the screen from the people who brought you Angry Birds. In this $0.99 physics game, the Amazing Alex tries to make cleaning up his robots fun by building devices that smartly create “chain reactions”. There are 100 levels to try and clean up and even the featured ability to create your own levels and share them with friends or just download the best levels create by other players.

Tap Tap Revenge Tour returns bringing with it free tracks to play everyday including ones in the music store, plus premium tracks from popular artists, or just import tracks from previous Tap Tap games you own. Play Tour mode or Jam mode if this free arcade game.

Gangster Granny is a game about a gangster granny who got caught and locked up in prison. Jokes aside, it’s time for her to get out and “finally finish the job she started”. That’s the story of this $0.99 action game, helping the world’s most dangerous granny finish the job that was supposed to put her in retirement, not the retirement home.

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