Algebraic! Adventure Time game gets a collector’s edition

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We all pretty much knew the Adventure Time DS and 3DS game, Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why’d You Steal Our Garbage?, was going to be awesome. I mean, WayForward’s developing it, Pendleton Ward is on hand to help with its creation and it’s supposed to be a Zelda II: The Adventure of Link style action RPG. You can’t go wrong with that. In fact, it seems practically impossible to top it! Yet, D3 Publisher has, as collector’s editions have appeared online.

GameStop has provided listings for collector’s editions of both the DS and 3DS versions of Adventure Time. (You didn’t really expect me to type that title again, did you?) Both will be out the same day as the standard versions of the game, on October 23, 2012. Both will also be only $10 more than the standard editions. Which means you’ll pay $29.99 if you just want the DS or 3DS game and $39.99 if you want one with extra stuff.

I’d say the collector’s edition is worth the extra $10. You get a Gold Sword stylus that looks just like the one Finn uses in the game, for starters. You also get an Adventure Time artbook filled with lots of things taken straight from Pendleton Ward’s mind. There’s even a Land of Ooo poster you can hang on your wall. All of this comes in a SteelBook package designed to look like the Enchiridion, Finn’s hero handbook.

This seems like it’s definitely a game to get excited about. I just wish I had been able to try it at E3 2012!

Product Page [GameStop]

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