Bad Dudes 2 seeks funding on Kickstarter

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Kickstarter is once again being used as a way to fund a game fueled by nostalgia. Pinstripe Games is making a sequel to the 1988 arcade game Bad Dudes. Bad Dudes 2 needs $80,000 by August 8 to become a reality. It has an estimated release date of December 2012 for PC and Mac.

Bad Dudes 2 is a straight up sequel to the original. In this game, Blade and Striker have to rescue the president from the DragonNinja once again. However, a lot of time has passed since the duo’s last outing. They’ve aged in the process, but they’re no less bad dudes than they were before.

Bad Dudes 2 initially received some negative feedback due to its new art direction. It appeared more cartoonish than many fans would have liked. As a result, Pinstripe Games changed the art style to bring it more in line with the original. Bad Dudes 2. Pinstripe Games says it will look like a “high quality 16-bit game.” Other modern features such as online co-op and leaderboards.

Nearly $1,700 has been pledged so far. There is still plenty of time to reach funding.

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