Comic-Con 2012: Cole and Jak ready to kick it in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

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The last of the San Diego 2012 Comic Con news continues to trickle in today. This one’s basically an update from Sony concerning PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. It’s continuing its trend of leaking the cast little by little, usually two characters at a time. Surprisingly the Comic-Con character announcement was pretty huge. I mean, you’d expect Cole McGrath from inFamous and Jak (with Daxter!) from Jak and Daxter to be announced at a bigger event. But then, Comic-Con is pretty big.

It seems like Cole and Jak are two different kind of fighters. Cole can work at any distance, thanks to his super powers. I’m guessing Sony figured everyone had Cole side with Lucy in inFamous 2, as Cole uses both electric and ice attacks. Sorry Nix fans! Jak seems like a long distance fighter, as he uses lots of gadgets like his Blaster and Gyro Burster. Fans of his games should be pleased to know that Daxter does occasionally help out and this is evidentally the post-Jak 3 Jak, as he can use Dark or Light Jak special attacks.

A couple of new PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale trailers were released to celebrate. This one shows Jak and Cole. Skip to about the 48 second mark to start seeing gameplay footage.

As you can see, Daxter joins Jak in the arena.

There we go, two more icon characters have joined the roster. I think we all expected to see Cole at least, but Jak’s a welcome addition as well.

Do you know what would be really cool? If they included Commander Shepard from Mass Effect. Even better, players could choose whether their Commander Shepard could be DudeShep or FemShep!

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