Almost 40,000 have pitched in over $5 million four Ouya

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Ouya is definitely the Kickstarter that could. The project has hit a new hallmark. Sometime last night, it passed the $5 million mark when it comes to donations. That’s happened courtesy of the almost 40,000 supporters who have chipped in because they believe in the Android console. But who knows, by the time you read this the project could be past the 40,000 backer point.

A lot of other good things have happened. For example, the Kickstarter actually ran out of both of the Developer Special pledge levels, which were $699 or more and $1,337 or more. Both of those support levels were geared towards game developers to help them start making games for Ouya quicker, get additional promotional support for their games and get directly in touch with the Ouya design team at any time. Also, both Meteor and HandyGames have commited to making Ouya games.

I’m skeptical about the success of the Ouya, but I’m not about the Ouya 2. I have a feeling that the original Ouya will be a way to test the waters and while it might not be powerful enough or offer enough games, all those problems will be addressed in a more successful, bigger and better Ouya 2. Either way, I think I’m ready to commit to Ouya and help contribute to the console.

If you want to get in on this, you have plenty of time. The Kickstarter ends in 21 days on August 8, 2012. The project will then be funded on August 9, 2012. You can pledge any amount that you want, but the only way to get an Ouya with your donation at this point is to pledge at least $99.

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