Human Element prequel will be the first Ouya-exclusive game

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Up until now, Ouya didn’t have any confirmed games. The likes of Shadowgun and Canabalt were mentioned when Ouya was first being pitched, but a full commitment wasn’t established at that time. Today, Robotoki president (and former Infinity Ward creative strategist) Robert Bowling revealed Ouya will get a prequel to his studio’s first game entitled Human Element.
Human Element is a post-apocalyptic survival game that has zombies as the main antagonists. It’s not scheduled to be released until 2015, but Ouya owners will be able to get a taste of it as early as 2013.

Human Element on Ouya will be an episodic prequel to the next-gen console game. It takes place just as the world is starting to succumb to the events that created the zombie apocalypse.

We don’t know what form this prequel will take. Is it a shooter? RPG? Text-based adventure game? Only time will tell.

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