Practically every platform gets the Jet Set Radio HD port

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We were all super excited when Sega revealed it’d be bringing back Jet Set Radio in full HD glory in February. Especially since it meant PS3, Xbox 360 and Windows PC owners would all get to relive the glory of the classic rollerblading and street-tagging game. Then in May, Sega said it’d bring the port to the Vita as well. We were all still pretty happy about that, but we weren’t as happy as when the HD rehash was first announced. Brace yourself for a sigh and an eyeroll, because now Sega’s announced iOS and Android ports of Jet Set Radio.

Jet Set Radio should be nearly identical across all platforms. The game will be the same and feature HD graphics, just the iOS and Android versions will be portable and use OpenFeint for leaderboards. As far as additional special features, the iOS and Android ports of Jet Set Radio will be similar to the Vita release. You’ll be able to use your device’s camera to take pictures to use as graffiti.

I’d say the iOS and Android versions of Jet Set Radio will probably be the worst ones. Mainly because I can’t envision playing Jet Set Radio without a controller. It just seems like it would be absolutely impossible. Especially since there isn’t any virtual gamepad overlay in any of the released screenshots.

See? I just can’t understand how this would work. Perhaps I’ll feel differently after seeing it in action, but I don’t know. I still get the feeling the Vita version might end up being the best of the lot.

We still don’t know when exactly Jet Set Radio will appear on all these platforms. Sega’s still saying Summer 2012. Which means the company only has about 2 months left to meet that release window.

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