TeeFury’s My Little Epona captures the hearts of two fandoms

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It’s been a while since we’ve called attention to one of those awesome limited edition t-shirts here at GamerTell. That’s because there haven’t been a lot of really incredible ones released recently. That all changes with TeeFury’s shirt of the day for July 20, 2012. Today it’s selling JellySnail’s “My Little Epona.”

“My Little Epona” features a design people from both the Legend of Zelda and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fan communities will adore. The design features Epona, from Legend of Zelda, drawn in the style of the characters from the new My Little Pony cartoons. She also has the triforce logo on her flank as her “cutie mark” and a logo above her proudly saying, “My Little Epona.”

TeeFury shirts are only available for one day. So you can only get “My Little Epona” for $10 today. Wait, and you might not be able to find it online for that price. It’s available in mens and womens’ sizes, with mens sizes available from small to 2XL, and women’s from small to XL. TeeFury also ships worldwide, though you can only get the $2.75 shipping price if you’re in the continental US.

I’d say “My Little Epona” is one of TeeFury’s cutest shirts so far. I’m a definite fan. What do you think?

Image Source: TeeFury

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