The GamerTell Cast for July 26, 2012

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It’s time for yet another episode of the GamerTell Cast. This week Jenni and I talk about Dead Trigger, the Nexus 7 tablet, the follies of Planet Crashers and what happens when you push Gandhi bit too far.Jenni just had her first taste of the Steam Summer Sale which led to many an impulse purchase. She shares some of her experiences with Civilization V‘s fan-made mods as she conquers the world with a rather agressive Gandhi.

After that, I spend some time talking about the Nexus 7 and some of the best NVIDIA Tegra 3 optimized games I’ve experienced so far.  Last but not least is the controversy surrounding Dead Trigger and Android piracy.

There’s a lot more in the episode, so sit back and enjoy!

Listen [GamerTell Cast Episode 6]

Music Credit: “We’re the Resistors” by Eric Skiff

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