Ouya moves beyond Android gaming with OnLive partnership

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Ouya has a lot to live up to considering it has raised over $5.5 million from hopeful customers. Recently, a prequel to the next-gen game Human Element was announced as an Ouya exclusive. Today, Ouya revealed OnLive has signed on as a partner as well.

OnLive says its cloud gaming service will be available on Ouya at launch. The full suite of OnLive services will be completely accessible on Ouya. This deal essentially transforms Ouya from an Android console to a cloud gaming machine that can play the latest PC releases as well.

Along with the OnLive announcement comes the first image of Ouya’s controller. It has two analog sticks that are positioned like a Xbox 360 controller. The face buttons are reminiscent of a PS3 controller. The design isn’t final, but Ouya wanted to express that we “can hold it in both hands.”

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