Android Amusements: Final Fantasy

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Guess what’s finally appeared on Google Play? Yes, it’s the original Final Fantasy! Not that you had to think all that hard about it, since this week’s Android Amusements is all about the Android adaptation of Final Fantasy and why it could be a solid buy for your smartphone or tablet. So let’s get right into it!

But before we do, don’t let that screenshot scare you. While it’s in Japanese, the app will be in English when you download it.

Final Fantasy is the enhanced remake of the original 1987 NES game. To be exact, this is the portable version of the Final Fantasy 20th Anniversary Edition that was originally made for the PSP. There are all new character sprites and environments, an improved script, the GBA version’s Soul of Chaos dungeons, a new Labyrinth of Time dungeon, the PS1 version’s art gallery and the PS1’s CGI scenes. The Android version also features touch screen controls. (It’d be really awkward to play if it didn’t!)

People who haven’t experienced the original Final Fantasy may be in for a bit of a shock. It does have a pretty interesting story, but there’s no character development for the main party. They’re four stock characters with basically no development. Instead, it focuses on the quest of these four Warriors of Light as they attempt to revive the crystals of earth, fire, water and wind. This requires visiting locations all around the world to assist people with their problems, caused by Garland, the four Fiends and an archdemon called Chaos.

The original Final Fantasy‘s story is actually quite interesting , especially since so much is conveyed without having intricate details about the entire cast. It forces you to focus on the other, background characters and their situations. Still, people who are used to more modern RPGs that provide so much more detail and information may be a little disappointed that it isn’t more fleshed out. At the same time, this is probably the most detailed version of the classic.

As with all apps, this isn’t a perfect release. For one, Final Fantasy is more expensive than the typical Android app at $6.99. It’s also quite tardy, as this exact same game has been available for iOS device owners for over a year. Finally, it takes up quite a bit of space. The initial app download is 46.39mb, which isn’t terrible, but then you also have to download and install an additional 240mb to play the game. That isn’t too bad for people who have a device with over 8gb of space, but if you have a smaller smartphone or tablet a game that large could cause issues. Finally, it isn’t full-screen on all devices. On tablets with certain resolutions, there will be black bars along the borders.

So there you go! People who by some odd chance missed out on Final Fantasy when it was released on one of the 11 other platforms have a chance to test it out. If you’re unsure about whether or not you’d enjoy it, find a friend with a Windows Phone and ask them to download the free demo so you can test it out.

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