Kickstarter rewind: Checking in on three games

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Every now and then we come across Kickstarter projects that we find interesting enough to share with everyone. We thought it would be fitting to revisit some of the most recent projects and see how they’re doing. Today we’re going to revisit Defense Grid 2, Bad Dudes 2 and Bad Planet.

Bad Dudes 2 doesn’t look like it’s going to make funding. It has only raised $5,254 out of the $80,000 it needs. There are only eight days remaining in the campaign. I guess Bad Dudes is nostalgic enough for some people to boot up in an emulator, but doesn’t have the legs to step into the modern age.

Defense Grid 2 has a better shot. Hidden Path Entertainment has a unique approach with its crowd funding. It needs $1 million to create Defense Grid 2, but it will create content leading up to Defense Grid 2 if it meets certain funding tiers. At the very least, an expansion for the original game called Defense Grid: Containment will be released if funding reaches $250,000. So far, Hidden Path Entertainment has raised $169,021 with two weeks to go.

The video game adaptation of the graphic novel Bad Planet could use a boost as well. Nearly $21,000 has been raised out of a required $575,000. There are 16 days left, so there’s still time for a rally.

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