Dragon’s Dogma will be easier after the next patch

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Gran Soren will be a less intimidating place for many of the Arisen soon. Ok, that probably means nothing to most of you. Let me be more specific. Capcom is working on a patch for its latest RPG, Dragon’s Dogma. Once it’s applied to the game, players will be able to choose to play in easy mode, making the entire adventure a lot less difficult.

Let’s get to the good part of the update. You aren’t locked into a difficulty level when you play Dragon’s Dogma, like you are with some games. You can go into the options and change it whenever you’d like. I wouldn’t be surprised if some people end up taking advantage of this change when overwhelmed by bosses.

Capcom hasn’t announced when the next Dragon’s Dogma patch will be released worldwide. It will definitely be out on August 6, 2012 in Japan. Hopefully we’ll see it in other regions at about the same time, if not even on the same date.

Wow, now I’m glad I picked up Dragon’s Dogma at Disc Replay after trading in four old games! I haven’t had a chance to actually play it – the Steam Summer Sale games got in the way. Since I’m a sucker for easy mode now that I’m grown-up with a real life and less time for games, I might just wait for this patch before I start playing!

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