Summary of Ouya Reddit discussion with founder Julie Uhrman

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Ouya founder Julie Uhrman participated in a Q&A session on Reddit earlier today to discuss all things Ouya. Ouya has about a week to go in its Kickstarter campaign and has raised over $6 million. The Reddit discussion covered topics such as DRM and sideloading APKs.

We’ve put together a bulletpoint list that summarizes the answers Uhrman provided to Reddit readers. There’s a chance a question you have about Ouya was answered during the hour-long session.

Ouya is scheduled to arrive on a mass scale in 2013. Developer builds of Ouya should go out this December.

  • There is a possibility Ouya will promote games based on their usage and not through sales
  • A web browser at launch may not happen
  • Developers can make their games connect to whatever server they choose
  • Promo codes for giveaways and reviews may not be available at launch
  • There are no definitive plans for a follow-up to Ouya at this time
  • Third-party peripherals such as controllers, keyboards and mice will be supported
  • There are plans (but no launch window) for community features such as friends lists and trophies 
  • Ouya tie-ins with other Android devices is a possibility
  • Sideloading APKs is supported
  • The Ouya controller does not have an accelerometer or gyroscope 
  • Ouya will try to update the Android operating system when Google releases new versions (they all say that)
  • Ouya is talking to retailers about selling its product
  • Paid games through Ouya will need to be authenticated with servers to prevent piracy

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