Kairosoft releases another game for Android called Kairobotica

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Kairosoft has done it again. It has released another game for Android and it could very well be its best offering yet. The game is called Kairobitica, and it’s a mix between a town simulator and a role-playing game. You can purchase it for $4.99.

Kairosoft dabbled with RPG mechanics before in Dungeon Village. However, things are more in-depth this time around. In Kairobotica, you are in control of growing a colony that produces fighting robots that just so happen to resemble Kairosoft’s mascot. You use these robots to patrol and defend planets from monsters. The more monsters you kill, the better your colony’s reputation gets.

Unlike Dungeon Village, you are in direct control of your robot army while in battle. You can choose to perform normal attacks or select from an assortment of special skills that you’ll learn on your journeys. When the fighting is done, you return to your colony and build it up to attract tourists. You can even capture monsters and put them on display in your colony.

If you’ve enjoyed Kairosoft games in the past, you won’t be disappointed with Kairobotica.

Download Link [Google Play]

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