Only GameStop gets a Skylander Giants Golden Dragonfire Cannon Battle Pack

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It looks like Skylander fans will have an all new store to stake out when Skylanders Giants comes out. When the original Skylanders was released, Toys R Us was the place to be. It had the most exclusive figures and characters and usually had the best selection. Now GameStop has decided it wants in and has convinced Activision to make it the home of the Skylanders Giants Golden Dragonfire Cannon Battle Pack.

The Golden Dragonfire Cannon Battle Pack is one of those Skylanders three packs. You get the new Golden Dragonfire Cannon piece that unlocks an in-game battle arena for your figures. That’s the main draw, since this pack will be the only place you can get that piece. It also features the new character Shroomboom, a Life Skylander with a slingshot, and Chop Chop, the returning Undead Skylander. I can hear your groans over one of the more lackluster original Skylanders being included in the bundle, but at least this figure of him has a new pose.

I have to wonder how “exclusive” exclusive means in this case. Will it be like the “exclusive” Legendary Skylanders 3-Pack which really was only sold at Toys R Us for $24.99? Or will it be “exclusive” like the Dragon’s Peak Adventure Pack, which was supposed to only be sold at Toys R Us, but then later showed up in other stores after about a month. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Skylanders Giants comes out October 21, 2012, just in time for the 2012 holiday shopping season. Have your existing Skylanders figures ready, as they’ll all work in the new game and there will be new level caps for each of them. A price hasn’t been announced for this Battle Pack, but I think you can safely assume it’ll be around $25, like most of the Adventure Packs.

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