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It’s incredible how Kairosoft releases great Android games with such consistency. Time and time again, this developer proves its initial success with Game Dev Story was no fluke. Kairosoft’s latest game, Kairobotica, plays like a culmination of most of its past games. To me, Kairobotica is the best game Kairosoft has released on Android so far.

So what’s this game about? Well essentially, you control a space colony that is comprised of fighting robots called Kairobots. Kairobots are the envy of the galaxy, and everyone wants to have some. Since the rest of the galaxy is not technologically advanced enough to make robots of their own, they enlist the help of Kairobots to do everything from driving out monsters to lending knowledge to students. Make no mistake, you’ll spend a large chunk of your time fighting monsters.

Battles are done in the traditional RPG format. Your Kairobots can do regular attacks, or use special skills that you earn through research. You also have access to special bots whose actions are limited by fuel. These special bots can be destroyed permanently, but you can build more if you have the proper materials.

Kairobots are the protectors of the galaxy. They travel from planet to planet driving out baddies in order to keep the peace. As you assist nearby planets, their inhabitants will visit your colony for enlightenment. This becomes the perfect opportunity to get money out of them.

Visitors will spend money and give you info points as they gawk at the Kairobot houses, purchase appliances and food and visit your mini-zoos. You’ll use that money to upgrade your Kairobot’s homes, the Kairobot factory and improve your colony in general. Upgrading is essential because you need to expand to grow your robot army. The more houses you have, the more Kairobots you can carry into battle at once. So far, I’ve amassed an army of 113 Kairobots.

There’s more depth to Kairobotica that is best learned through experience. That’s why I recommend spending $4.99 on this game. I know that’s more money than most mobile games, but it’s totally worth it.

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