iPad gaming update for Aug 13, 2012

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The iPad gaming update is GamerTell’s weekly look at the previous week’s iPad games released in the Apple App Store. We cover them all – good and not so good. The list is available every Monday, right as you are about to start that long work week.

It’s a safe bet that you should avoid any major Apple purchases within the next month. Rumors are circulating that the company is set to unveil everything from a new iPod Nano to the iPad mini with an iMac refresh in between. However, if that money is burning holes in your pockets then look at this week’s new gaming apps.

If you’ve been itching for some multi-player strategy games then Tiny War XD is what you’re looking. For $0.99, take on other players in this online strategy game. Build up your base to be the strongest both online and offline. Build various units and reign supreme over your enemies.

PITFALL!, available for $0.99, puts Pitfall Harry into your hands as you try to collect the treasures before being taken out by the angry volcano. Customize Harry to better take on the various dangers that lurk everywhere from scorpions to crocodiles. Compete with your friends to see who can get the highest score on Facebook and claim the title of the ultimate adventurer.

You know, I always thought the classic game Oregon Trail was missing something. For 2.99, Organ Trail: Director’s Cut sends you out West, not for a new life, but for survival. The zombie apocalypse has begun and you and four friends are heading out West. Avoid diseases, gather supplies while killing the undead, stop in towns to work, trade, and repair, and even put down members of your party should they become a problem. The game is done entirely in retro fashion and offers up plenty of great adventure.

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