Anomaly Korea confirmed for iOS and Android

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The sequel to Anomaly: Warzone Earth was revealed by 11 Bit Studios earlier today. Anomaly Korea will pick up some months after the first game, and will be set on the Korean peninsula. Details are scarce at the moment, but we can expect some of the same tower offense mechanics that made Warzone Earth so popular. This game will be coming soon for iOS and Android.

11 Bit Studios also announced a couple more games called Sleepwalker’s Journey and Funky Smugglers. Sleepwalker’s Journey makes you the guardian of a character named Moonboy who is trying to navigate his way through his dreams. The ultimate goal is to get Moonboy to his bed. Funky Smugglers involves scanning travelers that are passing through airport security. You’ll have to capture and remove any contraband that people try to smuggle in.

Both Sleepwalker’s Journey and Funky Smugglers will be released for iOS, Android, PC and Mac.

Via [11 Bit Studios]

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