English Toki to Towa release confirmed at 2012 Taipei Comic Exhibition

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The latest information on the English release of Toki to Towa, aka Time and Eternity, comes from a really unlikely source! The North American release of the Imageepoch JRPG release was confirmed at the 2012 Taipei Comic Exhibition. Not only that, but it seems the publisher was indirectly confirmed as well, as it was Namco Bandai’s Kay Hirono was the one who said that Toki to Towa will be released in Japanese and English.

Basically, this news update is all about confirming things we already knew to be true. Imageepoch’s president has been saying they want to see Toki to Towa in English and that the contract was being worked out. Namco Bandai is handling the Japanese release of the PS3 game on October 11, 2012, so it’s practically a given it would also handle the North American release. Still, it’s always nice to receive some kind of confirmation that a fantastic game is on the way.

Toki to Towa follows the story of a woman named Toki who also happens to share a body with a woman named Towa. When bandits crash Toki’s wedding and kill her fiance, Towa comes out and beats them down. Toki and Towa then work together, going through time, beating down bad guys. I’m guessing there might just be a “save the world” plot hidden in there as well. All the characters are hand-drawn, 2D sprites, though the world is rendered in 3D.

I’m absolutely excited about Toki to Towa. Though I guess we should probably start calling it Time and Eternity from this point on, since that’s what Namco Bandai will likely call it overseas. I doubt it’d get saddled with the name Toki and Towa. I guess we’ll know for sure once the “official” release announcement is made.

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