Trademarks suggest Level-5 is bringing Guild01 to America

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There’s some unexpected news looming on the horizon. It’s good news, especially if you own a 3DS, but surprising nonetheless. In Japan, Level-5 released a mini-game compilation called Guild01, except the four included games are by famous people and are a lot bigger than the standard mini-game. It was an interesting experiment, and one that did so well that a sequel dubbed Guild02 is in development. The surprising part is that Siliconera discovered Level-5 has filed trademarks for names of two of the games in Guild01.

Level-5 now owns the trademarks for the names Crimson Shroud and Liberation Maiden for use with video games in North America. Crimson Shroud was created by Vagrant Story and Final Fantasy XII creator Yasumi Matsuno and is an RPG. That screenshot above is taken from it. Players help a Chaser, kind of like a private detective mercenary, find people. Liberation Maiden is the English translation of Goichi Suda’s (Suda 51) Kaihou Shoujo. It’s a shooter where players help a teenager named Shoko, who became Japan’s president after her father died, jump in a mech and shoot down enemies who want to harm the country.

At the moment, Level-5 has not filed trademarks for the other two Guild01 games. Those are Aero Porter, an airport simulation game and Rental Bukiya de Omasse (Omasse’s Weapons for Rent), a music RPG simulation where players use music to forge weapons which are then equipped by warriors. In the airport simulation, you make sure planes arrive and depart on time to make people happy, which then allows you to make your airport even bigger and better. In the music sim, you have to forge the right weapons with the right timing to make sure your customers do well on their missions.

Let’s hope these two trademarks actually amount to something. We know companies like to occasionally trademark game names just to ensure no one else can steal them in the event they would like to release the games overseas, but a collection like Guild01 would really be an awesome addition to the North American 3DS library! If all else fails, maybe Level-5 will release these two games as standalone downloads on the 3DS eShop.

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