Milkshake Labs begins Kickstarter campaign for its iOS-compatible coco controller

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Milkshake Labs is well aware of the shortcomings of mobile games that try to mimic gamepad controls on a touchscreen. That’s why it has set out to create its solution called the coco controller. The coco controller has been placed on Kickstarter for a little crowdfunding. The goal is to reach $175,000 in order to make the controller affordable, and to ensure it’s made from high quality parts.

The coco controller seems to be primarily designed for iOS, but Milkshake Labs is also supporting the Samsung Galaxy S III. The controller is basically a case that your device slides in to. It operates after being plugged into the headphone jack, and is powered by whatever device it’s connected to.

The coco controller has four face buttons, an analog stick and an eight direction d-pad. Milkshake Labs told MTV Multiplayer it decided to not offer two analog sticks in order to “keep coco at such a competitive price.”

As for developer support, coco has over thirty developers that have agreed to support it. Those games include Doodle Army 2, Infinite Sky, Air Mail and BloodLand.

Pledging $35 will get you a coco controller. Come this November, you’ll be able to let Milkshake Labs know which device you’d like to use your controller with. After all, the new iPhone may not be the same size as the iPhone 4S.

Via [Kickstarter]

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