NBA 2K13 adds new controls and the Dream Team

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Pro basketball and NBA 2K13 are right around the corner. Now that MLB 2K has faded from 2K Sports’ calendar, its basketball sim may be the sports division’s sole survivor. Also, EA Sports is getting back into the game with NBA Live 13. There’s more pressure but that’s when the true superstars step up their game.

This year players will handle movement exclusively with the left analog stick. The right stick will perform the various dribble moves elite players use to blow past defenders. Press the left trigger and you can also shoot with the right stick. Flashy offense earns the highlight reel plays we see on ESPN, but defense wins championships. The “D” didn’t get quite as many tools as offense did in previous installments. NBA 2K13 has different stances for defensive players. If a player can’t dribble with a particular hand, or shoot well from one side, the defender can take advantage.

2K has filled us all with nostalgia thanks to the legendary teams it has included in the series. This year, we’re getting perhaps the greatest basketball group ever assembled. NBA 2K13 will also include the 1992 U.S. Olympic squad, commonly called The Dream Team, that included Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan and Larry Bird. The 2012 Olympic team is on there as well. Now we can settle that debate over and over again online or on the couch against buds.

NBA 2K13 takes the court October 2, 2012 on PS3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii and PC.

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