Black Ops II “CODcasting” is a big game changer

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I frequently watch casters stream their games on Twitch.TV. I enjoy witnessing as the caster does what they can to to interact with a loyal community of viewers, while simultaneously providing high quality gaming footage for all to enjoy. Normally, livestreaming a game and providing live interaction requires a competent computer, special software and possibly additional hardware. In Black Ops II, Treyarch is bringing this functionality to anyone with a PC, Xbox 360 or PS3.

Black Ops II will have a livestreaming mode built right in to its new League Play multiplayer option. It will allow players to livestream their matches over the internet straight from their console. In addition to that, you’ll be able to connect a camera to our console in order to provide a face to the commentary. USB cameras such as the PlayStation Eye or the Xbox Vision camera will work just fine, but you can also use whatever USB camera you have available.

Livestreaming in Black Ops II also allows for shoutcasting. When a person is shoutcasting, they can provide deeper insight into their commentary by switching between camera angles, focusing on individual players and even tapping into the microphones of players. These new features easily bring esports to a new audience.

I wish more games did this. Perhaps after Black Ops II sells 10 million copies, other developers will add livestreaming features of their own.

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