The PS3 gets its own YouTube app

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Welcome to the 2010’s PS3! The console is finally getting an app that it probably should have had at least a year ago. When the August 14, 2012 PlayStation Store update happens, a free YouTube app will be nestled among all the new games and add-ons. It’s a app that downloads to your system and lets you watch YouTube videos through it without the trouble of messing with the horrible PS3 web browser.

The YouTube app will be in the My Channels section on the PlayStation Store. Or, you can just go to the search box and type in “YouTube” to make it show up. Download it and you should be set. You’ll be able to watch all the YouTube videos in HD on presumably a bigger and better screen.

The PS3 YouTube app will have two features you expect and one you don’t. You’ll of course be able to search through all of the available YouTube videos to watch music videos, cats and whatever else your heart desires. You’ll also be able to sign in using your account to see your favorites and video subscriptions. The unexpected addition is the ability to use a smartphone to control the app. You can use it to find videos while you’re watching one or to control the video you’re currently watching.

I guess we should have expected this. I mean, the Vita has a YouTube app. It wouldn’t be right for the handheld to have one when the console doesn’t.

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