GamesCom 2012: Vita firmware 1.80 will be awesome

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Okay people, we’ve got new Gamescom 2012 announcements incoming! This next batch is all courtesy of Sony, so buckle up. We’ll start with a Vita firmware announcement, because I have a Vita and I’m excited about this news. The legendary Vita firmware update 1.80, which adds PSOne Classic game support, is coming August 28, 2012 ends and will feature more than just a compatibility update.

Not that the compatibility update isn’t important. The ability to play our PSOne downloads on our Vitas is huge. It’s a feature that should have been there when the system launched. So it actually arriving is great.

The other updates are so good that I think they might actually be even better and more exciting than the game library expansion. To start, you won’t have to use the touch screen to navigate the Vita’s homescreens. After update 1.80, you can use your face controls. Yay for buttons! You’ll also be able to use your Vita as a PS3 controller with certain games, like LittleBigPlanet 2.

The other updates are relatively minor, but all quite helpful. You can now use the rear touch pad to scroll when using the built-in browser. The media players are being updated as well, with new playback speed controls and repeat options in the video player and the ability to have playlists in the MP3 player. Photos will be better too as you can view MPO files and send pictures through the built-in messenger. Near will also be able to collect data offline and a more clear search function is being added to the Maps app.

All in all, 1.80 is looking like the best Vita firmware update ever. I can’t wait for it!

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