GamesCom 2012: Sony improving PlayStation Plus

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PlayStation Plus is about to become a much better deal. Well, that’s not exactly accurate. PlayStation Plus is already an awesome service that offers people a lot of free games. Sony’s GamesCom 2012 announcements just mean it will accommodate more gamers and meet their expectations. Whether you own a PS3 or a Vita, the service is about to become a must-buy.

The biggest change is that the cloud data storage is going to explode. Right now you get 150MB of space to save your saved game files. Considering some save games can easily be at least 10MB, that gets eaten up pretty fast. That won’t be an issue by the end of the year. Sony will soon be giving each PSN+ member 1GB of space. That’s more than enough room for all your game files. I’m really excited about this, as there are some games that you can’t back up to an external flash drive.

The other update increases the PSN+ audience by welcoming in Vita owners. By the time 2012 ends, Vita owners will have exclusive games and goodies available via PSN+. More freebies is always a good thing. In fact, I think I’m going to hold off on buying Gravity Rush DLC in the hopes I’ll get some for free when Vita content shows up on PSN+.

PlayStation Plus is easy to subscribe to and is pretty affordable. A three month membership is $17.99 and a year’s membership is $49.99. You get to keep any free themes or avatars you get while a PSN+ member after your membership expires, but the free DLC and games you accumulate can only be accessed while you’re a member. I’d say it’s easily worth the price of admission. I’ve been a member for about six months and I’m more than satisfied.

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