Google may be preparing to sell Google Play gift cards

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Google Play has been missing out on a potential gold mine for years. Customers are only able to purchase apps, games, movies, music and books if they have a credit or debit card. Prepaid cards offered by major credit card companies work as well, but there has never been a way to purchase Google Play-specific gift cards. Now, new evidence has emerged that strongly suggests Google is about to sell gift cards.The Google Play app was recently updated. Android Police was curious about the size of the update, so they decided to look a little further into the .APK file. They found lines of code that referred to redeeming gift cards, and a new wishlist option as well. Other Android users were also able to dig up some images that back up what Android Police reported on.

Google Play gift cards are a huge deal now that Google is selling all forms of media. Younger persons without credit cards will be able use their loose money and convert it into credits within Google Wallet. From there, they’ll be able to pay for things inside and outside of Google Play.

Naturally, nothing is official until we hear back from Google. We suspect that won’t take too much longer.

Via [Android Police]

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