Persona 4 Golden pre-orders net gamers Vita skins

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We love Atlus for a number of reasons. First and foremost is that it is responsible for developing and publishing fantastic games. Of course, the fact that it also tosses swag at gamers like crazy helps too. Persona 4 Golden is the latest game to enter into the Atlus Spoils program with a nifty pre-order incentive. It’s a Vita skin!

The Persona 4 Golden Vita skin is made by Dezaegg and is designed to stick to your Vita without making the device sticky. It protects it from smears and smudges while also coordinating it with the official yellow and black Persona 4 theme. It also matches a set of eight Vita wallpapers featuring the eight main characters from the game. Atlus hasn’t said which stores will offer this pre-order item, but I’m sure Amazon and GameStop will be among them.

You actually don’t have to wait for the Vita wallpapers. They’re identical to the ones released in Japan and are really easy to find online. In fact, I’m using the set of eight as my Vita wallpapers right now!

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