iPad gaming update for August 20, 2012

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The iPad gaming update is GamerTell’s weekly look at the previous week’s iPad games released in the Apple App Store. We cover them all – good and not so good. The list is available every Monday, right as you are about to start that long work week.

I hope you’re ready to think and react this week because these games will put you to work. While the rest of the internet is digging away at patents and parts lists for the supposed iPad mini, you can be swimming, bouncing, floating and falling your way to victory in these games, two of which cost $0.00!

Meeblings is a free physics based game that expands over 60 levels. Use different powers to get through each stage and save the Meeblings. If you find yourself stuck, use Gemlings that you acquire after successfully completing other levels to enable a level skip and other helpful tools.

Yet another free physics based game this week is, Disney Fish Hooks. In this game you have t float and fall through mazes to survive, all while using bubbles. Test your bubble mastery over 50 levels. Unlock additional characters and collect apples to increase your score.

Jack Lumber Is the only game that will cost you anything this week but the good news is that it’s only $0.99. After a tree kills Granny, Jack takes his axe to the forest in retaliation. Take a swing and draw out a path of destruction for the logs. Use magical bottles of syrup to gain different powers. Unlock different combos, challenges, and Game Center achievements.

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