GamesCom 2012: Only around 2.2 million Vitas sold since it launched (update)

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Some sad, but interesting, news was released by Sony at GamesCom 2012 concerning its little PlayStation Vita. Since the Vita launched, the company has been dancing around how many of the handhelds have been sold. We all just assumed it hasn’t wanted to compare the system to the 3DS, or even the DS and PSP. It’s been eight months since the system has been released in Japan, and we finally know how sales are going. Brace yourself, as in the past few months only around 2.2 million Vitas have been sold worldwide.

In case you’re wondering, that isn’t a good number. To compare, just over 2.37 million 3DS systems were sold in North America alone after it had been available for eight months. Worldwide 3DS sales hit the 6.68 million mark after six months. Current 3DS sales estimates in June 2012 suggested about 19 million systems had been sold. Granted, that is over a year after the system’s debut, but it still makes Sony look horrible.

Uwe Bassendowski, the boss over at PlayStation’s German division, says it’s all because Sony screwed up in the marketing department. He claims that too little attention was paid to younger gamers. I disagree and would suggest that the Vita’s inability to catch on could be blamed on the price, a poor launch library, lack of PSOne Classics support, spotty backwards compatibility with PSP downloads and slow game releases.

I hope Sony can find a way to save the Vita. While I do love my 3DS, I have to admit I love my Vita more. Even though it doesn’t have as many games, I still love it and think it’s a nifty device.


Sony told Joystiq that the 2.2 million units sold worldwide figure covers the first six months of the Vita’s lifespan from it’s December 2011 Japanese release until June 30, 2012.

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