Robot Rising is a Facebook game I actually want to play

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I just spent over an hour playing a game on Facebook. I’ve never enjoyed playing games on Facebook because most of them follow the same structure that’s designed to prevent gameplay until you spend money. That doesn’t seem to be the case with Robot Rising.

Robot Rising is in development by Stomp Games, a subsidiary of Tencent Boston. I was turned on to this game thanks to a recent article by Forbes. Robot Rising appeals to me as a core gamer because its simple to play, has lots of random loot drops and never bugs me to share my accomplishments with friends. Generally speaking, this game is kind of like Diablo with customizable mechs.

The action part of this game occurs when you enter complexes. Complexes are basically dungeons. You have to click the mouse to move around, shoot enemies and collect loot. The loot you find can either be better, worse or identical to the equipment you have. Each piece of loot also has a unique look. The image to the right shows my earlier mech with tank treads, but now I have a mech outfitted with legs, a rocket launcher and a machine gun that shoots in bursts.

When you’re not in battle, you have to build up your base. This portion of the game borrows from real-time strategy games. You can build structures such as a warehouse, robotics factory, weapons factory and more. The resources needed to build and upgrade these structures are earned in combat.

Now, there are microtransactions in this game in the form of Robobucks. I’ve earned these in the game, but they can also be purchased with real money. Should you ever run out of energy that’s required to enter complexes, you can replenish it with Robobucks. I understand requiring energy in order to fight and earn resources could be a slippery slope, but it hasn’t gotten in the way yet.

Robot Rising is in beta, so there’s a chance all progress will be wiped at a moment’s notice. Still, it’s worth checking out.

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