Don’t Starve is now available to purchase before its official launch

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A couple months ago, I became utterly fascinated with a Google Chrome browser game from Klei Entertainment called Don’t Starve. Ever since the first time I wrote about it, the game has been undergoing beta testing. Don’t Starve is fundamentally the same survival game it has always been, but there have been many tweaks and features added within the past couple months. Now, Klei is nearly ready to release the full game.Don’t Starve is now in a closed early-access beta phase. That means the complete game isn’t quite ready for prime time, but those who want to purchase it now at a discount are more than welcome. Don’t Starve is $6.99 at the time of this writing. Buying it before it launches will grant you access to the early-access beta, and a second key to give away. The full game will launch on Steam for $15.

Now if you’ve played Don’t Starve in the past, you’ll get the full game for free in addition to being a part of the early-access beta. Should you choose to spend $6.99 anyway, you’ll get two codes to give away.

This is a game you have to try. The art is great, the premise is intriguing and there’s always something different to try out.

Site [Don’t Starve]

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  • AS118

    You know, I tried this during the free weekend on Steam, and got bored in a few hours and decided not to buy it. Even though it was available on Linux, and oft-times, Linux support will sway me to buy something if I’m close to buying it already.