Hide your wallets! Atlus announces Persona 4 Golden Premium Edition

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No Atlus! No! You can not do this to me! You are being a very bad video game company right now. Very bad! You go to your room and take your shiny, super limited, beautiful Persona 4 Golden Solid Gold Premium Edition with you!

This terrible news came this morning via the Atlus Faithful newsletter that goes out to all Atlus fans. The company has decided to go over the top with Persona 4 Golden by releasing a special bundle for Vita owners that exceeds all expectations. It is creating 10,000 Solid Gold Premium Editions that will henceforth be known as the hottest way to protect your Vita.

For $69.99 you get a copy of Persona 4 Golden (on a cartridge), the special Dezaskin P4 skin, a black Hori Vita cover with P4 accents you can always have on your PSP and a yellow and black P4 Hori pouch for the system and cartridges. Oh, and stickers. You also get Persona 4 stickers. It’s a fantastic bundle and, I have to admit, a good deal. The stickers, Vita cover and pouch were all part of the Hori Persona 4 The Golden accessory kit in Japan and were selling for around $60 on their own. That’s back when you could actually find it, as the kits sold out and Hori isn’t making them anymore.

So there you go. Atlus just made Persona 4 Golden even better. Now go pre-order this amazing bundle, because Atlus is only offering up 10,000 of them and won’t make any more when they’re gone.

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