Kairosoft is back again with Oh!Edo Towns

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Just when we’ve kicked our Kairobotica habit, Kairosoft has come back around with another game for Android. Oh!Edo Towns was released recently for the now standard price of $4.99. In this game, we’ll be creating a society that’s set in Japan’s Edo period. Wikipedia tells us the Edo period existed from 1603 to 1868.Due to the time frame in which Oh!Edo Towns takes place, we’ll be building structures such as castles. Other than that, it appears this game is a straight forward town simulation. We’ll have to create attractions for tourists, and use the money they spend to make our towns even better. Oh!Edo Towns also introduces a combo system that encourages strategic building. Basically, if some structures are placed next to each other, they’ll make more money.

I get the feeling Oh!Edo Towns isn’t the most exciting game Kairosoft has released, but I’m sure it’ll get mostly positive reviews in Google Play.

Download Link [Google Play]

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