Borderlands will be free for PlayStation Plus members in September

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Sony feels a good way to make sure gamers opt for the PS3 version of Borderlands 2 is to give them the first game for free. The original Borderlands will join the PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection on September 4. That’ll give anyone who hasn’t played Borderlands a couple weeks to get a feel for it before Borderlands 2 launches on September 18.
In addition to getting the full game for free, PlayStation Plus members will also be able to get Borderlands DLC for 50% off. This offer stands for either individual DLC, or the complete bundle. If that’s not enough incentive, anyone who has a Borderlands save file will get a swappable heads and skins for every class in Borderlands 2.

Here are the other September sales for PS Plus members.

  • Daytona USA – $2.99
  • Greed Corp. – $2.50
  • Space Channel 5: Part 2 – $2.99
  • Spelunker HD – $5

Via [PlayStation Blog]


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