The Binding of Issac remake may come to consoles

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Edmund McMillen, the brains behind The Binding of Issac is planning on remaking the game for PC and consoles. Although console ports aren’t totally locked down at the moment, McMillen said on Formspring that his publisher is talking to Sony and Microsoft about a possible release.

Should a console version (including Ouya) become a reality, McMillen said it will feature “A TON of new modes, bosses, items, playable characters, co-op and a million other things we couldnt do in the flash version.”

Flash proved to be a limitation in The Binding of Issac. It’s the reason why the game can’t be updated anymore. The BOI remake will be developed with a new engine and funded by another publisher. This also means PC players will have to purchase the remake once it’s released next year.

Everything is still in the planning stages at the moment. We’ll be on the lookout for more news regarding this remake in the coming months.

Via [Formspring] Read [Stick Twiddlers]


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