The Walking Dead Episode 3 is full of emotion

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The Walking Dead: Episode 3 is by far the most emotional episode yet. It’s here that you will learn how much of an emotional investment you have in each of the characters. You may believe you care about Clementine, Carley, Kenny and the rest, but you will learn just how much you care about them by the time this episode is over. 

I won’t spoil any plot points, but if you’d rather go into episode 3 completely blind, stop reading right now.

Long Road Ahead focuses on your group and its issues. Unlike the second episode that primarily dealt with outsiders, Long Road Ahead shows that solace can be hard to obtain even when among people that have grown close to each other. I love how this game consistently shows that no one is immune to the horrors of the world at any time no matter how favorable the circumstances.

It’s hard for me to say whether Long Road Ahead is a better episode than Starved For Help. Both episodes are very different in how they pull emotion out of you. I’ve learned this game doesn’t need to force an immediate reaction out of me in order to keep me emotionally invested. Starved For Help is a slow burn on several sticks of emotional dynamite.

This episode is more about people than walkers. These people are dealing with unimaginable mental stress in a world gone to hell. Walkers are only the beginning.

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